Hi and thanks for downloading this podcast which is the first of our WiSP Mashups. For those of you who are new to WiSP and may have missed some of our very earliest shows we thought we would assembly a little compilation. With the soccer World Cup still fresh in our minds we take a look back at some of our conversations four years ago ahead of the 2015 World Cup. Former English professional soccer player Rachel Brown-Finnis announced her retirement in the winter of 2015 as women’s teams were turning professional and she reflected on her career and how the sport for women has changed. I began by asking her how it was for her when she started playing. This episode was first aired on January 7, 2015.  And staying with soccer, one of the first WiSP shows that became WiSP World - a news magazine show where I was joined by Jo Gunston from Sports Liberated we reviewed the latest news which just happened to kick off with soccer as we were heading towards the World Cup in 2015. This episode was originally aired on January 15, 2015.   And finally another professional player shares her thoughts on the growth of women’s soccer and how she wants to become a role model for girls. Former Seattle Reign Mid-fielder Keelin Winters began by talking about how to encourage girls to take up the sport and she also shares her experiences of playing for the Australian club the Western Sydney Wanderers. This episode was first aired on February 10th 2015.

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