Shellie Edington has reached a crossroads in her crossfire career at the age of 55 with medals in every color she is now focusing on new goals. In the 54 CF Games from 2014 to 2017 she has won five gold medals, a silver and bronze. Nowadays Shellie also has a business to run having developed Tumblin4Kids, a mobile gymnastics program with her background as a gymnast when she was a teenager. Her passion for Crossfit has given her a new perspective.  She says:  “Being an athlete in your 50’s is much different than when you’re young, and surprisingly it’s better. For starters, I’m smarter about my body. After all these years I finally know exactly what to do to keep myself strong, in shape, and healthy. I understand food and how if can benefit me. I understand recovery and relaxation. And I understand that I need to invest in myself.”  Shellie had to learn to overcome competitive anxiety with the help of a sports psychologist and it changed her mental game. And with her experience in Crossfit she exposes the value of Crossfit health for women to stay stronger longer.

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