On this episode, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen discusses the most frequently asked question she gets: "What do I need to do to recover better". Recovery products are available and endless, which tends to make recovery seem a bit more complicated than it actually needs to be. Not to mention, a lot of advice on recovery has been based on research predominantly performed on male subjects and has not addressed the differences in physiology between men and women. In this episode we discuss the basics of why your body needs a period of time to recover, what are some simple ways you can make sure your nutrition is supporting your training and recovery, and what do women need that's different from men? Kirstin also includes some tips that you can apply this week and she discusses some of the popular supplements that are out there today. What's worth it and what might be something you want to leave behind? Check out this jam packed episode of Sound Bites.

Duration: 42 mins

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