Former U.S. Team cyclists Elizabeth Emery talks to three amazing women cyclists who are from different disciplines, each with unique skills and covering a wide range of what cycling is all about — which is the focus for this new monthly show Off The Front.

Emma Pooley is a former road cyclist and now multi-sport athlete. While road racing, she won 9 Olympic, World, and Commonwealth Games medals, 6 World Cups, and the 2010 Time Trial World Championship. She now focuses on what she loves and is inspired by —racing in the mountains. They discuss the transition from road cycling on a team to the independent life of individual sports, working with sponsors, coaching and training; her future fame and fortune in Pocket Porridge along with lots of other great stuff, including the UCI and improving women’s cycling.

This month’s Training Tip comes from coach Alison Dunlap, who is one of Elizabeth's absolute favorite riders from when they raced together. Alison competed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics road race, then switched to mountain biking in 1997. That year she won a World Cup and went on to great success in that sport. She is 2001 Mountain Bike World Champion, 13x National Champion, 2x Olympian, and now proud mom to 6 1/2 yr old son Emmett! She offers a really important tip useful for on the bike, in other sports, and in daily life.

Recently, Elizabeth discovered writer and publisher Elly Blue through her Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming 14th issue of her feminist cycling zine, Taking the Lane.  In 2015 she merged her little publishing operation with Microcosm Publishing in Portland, Oregon, where she is now co-owner and marketing director.

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