This month we focus on leadership, leaning in and quotas on sport with Karen Skinner, New Zealand Rugby Head of Respect and Inclusion. President of New Zealand Football Johanna Wood, Former Wellington Cricket Board Chair Sally Morrison and Jan Dawson, President of Yachting New Zealand and of course it’s not Fair Play without an update on the toilets from the Basin Reserve. Today’s co-cost is another familiar voice to Fair Play listeners. She’s one of New Zealand leading sports academics looking at issues from media representation to youth physical culture. She’s also researched sports fandom and has recently undertaken research around the recent men’s Rugby World Cup Professor Toni Bruce.

‘There’s been a somewhat naive belief that if we just add women and stir things will change but we know that that doesn’t work. It’s not true. And it happens right across sport, it’s sports media, sports organizations. We know that if taken for granted, assumptions, practices and things are designed by and for men and if gender is not really on the agenda then women that women can enter in often but they tend not to stay long.’ Toni Bruce.    

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