Breaking Free is a brand new show in which sportswomen discuss mental health issues and how sport helps them overcome personal challenges. We will be hearing from women who have different experiences and who have generously agreed to share their journeys while offering some advice and resources. In this first episode, runner and journalist Tara Campbell talks to British runner and author Tina Chantrey. Tina experienced a traumatic divorce being was left with three young children and wondering how she was going to manage to find a home and support them. Her story is a triumph and we hear how running became her sanctuary. Tina is a contributing editor at Women’s Running Magazine UK. She suffered from postpartum depression after the births of her three daughters. Tina also went through divorce and has written a book — The Divorce Survival Guide — which focuses a lot on mental health, giving readers a six-stage running program to help them cope with the conflicting emotions of divorce and stages of grief. For more conversations from the world of women's sports visit us at www.wispsports.com and join in the conversation on our social media channels @WiSP Sports.      

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