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Our Shows  

(Shows marked with an * have been retired)

Amazons - Host, Chris Stafford

Athlete Profile - Host, Chris Stafford

Bit by Bit - Host, Erin McGuire*

Breaking Free - Host, Tara Campbell*

Cricket Special - Host, Chris Stafford*

Fair Play - Host, Zoe George (a co-production with Radio New Zealand)

Full Time - Host, Katie Stengel*

Hockey Talk - Host, Shannon Miller

Just Between Us, Hosts, Dee Caffari, Sara Gross*

Locker Room Talk - Hosts, Sara Gross & Kelly O'Mara*

mentallyfit - Host, Kendra Fisher

Moovin’ and Groovin’ - Host, Claire Deacon*

New Horizons - Host, Cathy O’Dowd*

Nutrition Notes - Host, Sara Gross*

Off the Front - Host, Elizabeth Emery*

Off the Track - Host, Mick Swagger*

Portrait of a Legend - Host, Chris Stafford

Powder Run - Host, Jess Kelley*

Ready, Steady, Rehab - Host Heather North (launching end March 2018)

Ruck On - Hosts, Kim Donaldson

Soccer Center - Host, Harriet Eastham

Sound Bites - Host, Maricarmen Farias

Sport in Focus - Host, Chris Stafford

Talking Point - Host, Lisa Ingarfield*

The Bolder Woman - Host, Chris Stafford

The Circle - Host, Ash Nelson*

The Dirty Double - Hosts, Lindsay Jennerich & Patricia Obee*

The FAB Podcast - Hosts, Kristen Reenders, Datorria Robinson*

The Horse Show - Host, Chris Stafford 

The Inside Line - Host, Gabbi Hall (a co-production with Ski Racing Media*

The Lovely Biertrix - Host, The Lovely Biertrix

The Mind Matter, Host, Jenny Susser

The Sailing Show Presented by The Magenta Project; Abby Ehler

the SIRI & BEK show - Hosts, Siri Lindley & Bek Keat*

Transcending Sport - Host, Chris Stafford

Tucker Center Talks - Host, Nicole LaVoi

Walk Don't Run - The Walking Show - Hosts. Chris Stafford & Cindi Leeman*

WiSP IronWomen - Hosts, Sara Gross & Alyssa Godesky*

WiSP Radio blogCAST - Host, Chris Stafford, Tara Campbell

WiSP Sports Desk - Host, Chris Stafford & Nancy Gillen

WiSP Mashup - Host, Chris Stafford

WiSP World Australia - Hosts, Beth Davis & Ashleigh Nelson*

WiSP World Canada - Hosts, Maria Samson & Sooz Flannigan*

WiSP World New Zealand - Hosts, Zoe George, Katrina Grant & Sophie Devine*

WiSP World UK - Chris Stafford & Dee Caffari*

WiSP World USA - Chris Stafford & Jess Kelley*


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