On this episode, Dr. Nicole LaVoi talks to an impressive group of women, the summer 'Tucker Team', which consists of the Summer Gender Equity Interns: Sam Benzig, Cecelia Kaufmann, Paige Richmond, Greta Sirek and The Pam Borton Fellow for the Promotion of Girls and Women in Sport Leadership, Courtney Boucher. They discuss the projects they have been working on this summer, what they have learned, and advice they give to future interns. "I want to say that our internship program is one of my favorite initiatives of the Tucker Center as it fulfills our mission of making a difference in lives of girls and women in sport through education, outreach, and research. I learn so much from them and it energizes my work, and I am grateful we all have had this opportunity for a virtual internship. I felt strongly the show must go on, so we pivoted to an online internship, and I have to say while it's not as good as in person, it's been great," said Nicole.


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