On this week’s episode Chris and Jane discuss children, ponies and summer fun and reflect on their childhood enjoying hours of sheer joy and happiness without a care in the world. The recent evidence of abuse in sport has cast a dark shadow on those glorious yet vulnerable years of youth indulging in sport with high ambitions and total dedication. Their love for sport and complete trust in their coaches and support staff has sometimes been cruelly exploited in a way that will never heal. Their scars, whether emotional, psychological or physical will never leave them, even though the passage of time helps them to come to terms with their ordeals. Children naturally surrender to adult supervision with an innocence and naivety that should be respected but tragically sometimes is not. Jane shares her thoughts from a trainer’s perspective on this abuse of power.

Hosts: Chris Stafford & Jane Wallace.

Podcast length: 41 mins

Sponsor: Hylands Homeopathic Earache Drops

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