Our guest this week is Equine Veterinarian Dr. Sallie Hyman, VMD, DACVIM, CVA, MBA who grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania and began riding at the age of four when her parents made the mistake of putting her atop a horse at a local riding stable. She worked her way up through the pony divisions of Zone II riding any and all ponies that were tossed her way. In her later junior years, Sallie competed in the Medal/Maclay equitation divisions. She attended Dickinson College and then the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and received the George M. Palmar prize upon graduation for excellence in equine medicine and surgery. After graduation, Sallie completed a medicine and surgery internship at Reid and Associates in Palm Beach, FL. Following her internship, she pursued a residency in large animal internal medicine at The U of PA New Bolton Center.  And she gained board certification in Internal Medicine in 2004, acupuncture certification in 2006, and her MBA in 2018. Sallie has taught at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Medicine. She is currently a senior associate at Total Equine Veterinary Associates in Leesburg, Virginia.

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