My guest this week is multi medalist Para Dressage rider Sara Morganti who despite suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis has her sights set on qualifying for her third Olympic Games.  The 43 year old rider has already collected several gold medals at World Games, including gold at the 2014 games followed by gold in the 2018 games in Tryon in both the Freestyle and Individual Test. Sara has also won four bronze medals at the European Championships starting on 2019. She began riding at the age of 13 and when she was diagnosed with MS in 1995 she focused on para dressage and established herself as a driving force in the sport.  Aside from Olympic qualification her other goal this year is to win medals at the European Championship.  Sara currently has two horses, her consistent partner the 14 year old Rhein mare Royal Delight, and the 10 year old Oldenburg gelding Ferdinand di Fonte Abeti She trains at Terre Brune Equestrian Centre in Pisa, Italy with Laura Conz and Alessandro Benedetti, her coaches since 2013. She has recently been nominated from the Italian Paralympic Committee for Italian Paralympic Female Athlete of the Year. In June 2018 she was named President of the Athletes' Commission for the Italian Paralympic Committee. Sara is a secretary has a University Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature working towards he Masters degree in translation.

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