Canadian Ice Hockey Goalie Kendra Fisher presents a new bi-weekly podcast that will address mental health and LGBTQ issues in an authentic and open way. The purpose is to educate and help people so that they have better understanding and the tools to cope with a variety of situations to enable them to stay mentallyfit. Kendra was diagnosed with a Severe Anxiety Disorder, Severe Panic Attacks, Depression and Agoraphobia at a critical time in her career and was forced to leave the sport's national program and put her health first. She has since established a website as a community and resource and spends time carrying out motivational speaking engagements and assisting organizations. On this first episode Kendra addresses the anxieties that manifest during the holiday season - how to better prepare and cope. We welcome your questions and comments that will be treated in confidence.  You can email us at - or comment freely on our website or Facebook page.

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