Shannon Miller's guests this week are two leaders in the sport internationally; Finland's Tuula Puputti and Saara Niemi.  Saara Niemi — née Tuominen when she played with Shannon— has competed at many WC and Olympic Games – and accomplished many accolades as a player and coach. Saara is now the GM and HC of the women’s hockey team Helsinki IFK, and the HC of the junior girls program as well. Tuula has had a great playing career as well, competing at many WC and Olympic Games, and is now the GM of girls and women’s hockey in Finland. She worked for the Finnish Olympic Committee for 5 years, worked with the Finnish Speed Skating Union, and many years with the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation. The conversation ranges from defining success to motivation, team culture, global leadership and the upcoming 2019 Women’s World Ice Hockey Championships which will be held in Espoo, Finland from April 4-14th.  Tuula is the General Secretary for these championships.

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