Sarah Newberry-Moore grew up with a strong tradition of sailing in her family. However, it wasn’t until she joined her middle school sailing team at age 12, that she caught the bug for competition. At that point, she was the only girl on her team, and she was determined to beat all of the boys. After putting in long hours filled with hard work, Newberry had done what she set out to do and was ready to push her limits even further. In seeking out more competition, she was attracted to multihulls for their speed and physically demanding nature. By 2006, she had already won the U.S. Youth Multihull Championships. Within a few more short years, she was the top-ranked female multihull skipper in the United States. During the 2016 quadrennium, Newberry set her sights on success in the Nacra 17 class. She made it to the top of the fleet multiple times, but unfortunately missed out on selection to the Olympic Games. Despite falling short of her goal, Newberry pivoted her sights towards training for 2020 and served as a training partner for the Team USA boat. Since then, she has partnered with David Liebenberg. The two have shown their ability to make it to the top of the fleet and are worthy candidates for selection to the 2020 Games.

Host: Chris Stafford

Podcast length: 29 mins

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