Anastasija Strizakova was born in Latvia and moved to Ireland when she was 16 with her parents who were looking for a brighter future for her than Eastern Europe could offer.  Not only has she adopted an Irish accent but in the past few years she has adopted the sport of rock climbing.  It has, she says, changed her life, giving her a new purpose and confidence, and she is a different person to what she was before she discovered this new passion. Anastasija usually climbs five times a week giving her body time to recover with two days rest. Climbing has taken her all over the world where she has reached new heights both metaphorically and physically.  Her favorite challenges being in France and Spain. Her goals now include new climbs and to make a full-time career as an instructor.

Host: Chris Stafford

Podcast length: 34 mins

Sponsor: Hylands Homeopathic Earache Drops

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