Our guest today is British ultra endurance cyclist Emily Chappell who started cycling as a commuter before becoming a courier in London for six years. But she eventually swapped the narrow roads of London Town for the open countryside to challenge herself in ultra races and long distance cycling.  In 2011-13 she cycled across Asia and from Wales to Japan. A year later she took on Iceland. And then in first three months of 2015 it was Anchorage to Seattle, which was great preparation for the Transcontinental Race. Alas after dropping out halfway when she suspected she was having a heart problem which turned out to be painful intercostal ribs, she determined to give it another shot in 2016. She has recently published her second book Where There’s a Will in which she shares that journey. And as well as the complex emotions of winning such an event, she reveals everything that being a woman in events like this entails, from periods to body image and how cycling has helped her battle with depression.

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