Britain’s Holly Budge started off her sporting life while still a toddler when she began riding eventually taking up eventing. when she reached 20 something she discovered skydiving and was soon to move to New Zealand where she learned filming and became the first woman to became the third woman in New Zealand at the time to be a skydiving camerawoman.

In 2008 she took up her next challenge and became the first woman to skydive off Mount Everest. The following year, she took part in the famous Mongol Derby covering 1000 kms in just 9 days. Since then she she has taken on some of the world’s highest peaks  and led a successful expedition on the technical Ama Dablam (6812m) in Nepal. 

Holly is passionate about sustainability, design and conservation and has a Masters in Sustainable Design. She is currently combining a campaign with an exhibition entitled  ‘How Many Elephants’ which presents a physical commentary on the devastating impacts of the elephant ivory trade. 96 elephants are poached every day which at that rate, would make them extinct by 2025.

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