Chris Stafford and Cindi Leeman's guest is Erin Taylor Talcott who is best known for being a pioneer for women's equality in race walking, striving to make the 50K a distance for women internationally. She's the first woman to compete in a men's Olympic Trials event which she did in 2012 at the men's 50K Olympic Trials where she placed 6th.  She's the winner of the first ever Area Championship for a women's 50K which she did in 2015 in Arica, Chile.  And she's the first woman to compete in a genderblind competition when she raced at the IAAF World Team Championships of Race Walking in Rome, Italy where she placed 39th in the world. For more conversations from the world of women's sports visit www.wispsports.com and follow us on social media @WiSP Sports.

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