In the Locker Room this week, Sara Gross & Kelly O'Mara discuss sexual abuse of young athletes by coaches. Why are there so many case of sexual misconduct in sport and what can we do to make changes to protect our vulnerable children? Kelly catches up with U.S. National Track Cycling Champion and 2016 Olympic Games team member Missy Erickson who recently shared her story of abuse in a revealing article in Bicycle Magazine. And then Sara and Kelly talk to former athlete, lawyer and activist Nancy Hogshead-Makar to learn more about the issues and find out how we stop the cycle of mistreatment and silent. And of course don't miss the Hype and Gripe of the week which is always enlightening. For more conversations from around the world of women's sport visit us at www.wispsports.com and join in the conversation @WiSPSports.

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