On this week's episode of Locker Room Talk Sara Gross & Kelly O'Mara ask: Should women be paid as much as men in cycling? Kathryn Bertine joins the conversation and explains how women’s cycling can hold its own in a free market economy. Across all sports, the argument is often made that women do not deserve to be paid as much as men because they don't draw the same crowds or viewership. Why do female athletes deserve the same attention, respect and monetary return as their male counterparts? How do we create equality in a capitalist milieu? Kathryn Bertine is a former pro cyclist herself and also a long-time advocate for women in cycling, who made a documentary film on the topic and has recently launched a new project to help up-and-coming women in the sport.

Hockey player Kirsten Toth stops by to discuss body checking, and the lack there-of, in women’s hockey and Sara and Kelly bring you the Hype, and the Gripe, of the week. For more conversations from the world of women's sports visit us at www.wispsports.com and join us on social media @WiSP Sports.

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