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Canadian Show Jumper Amy Millar, 39, made her Olympic debut in Rio riding the nine-year-old gelding Heros and began the individual competition with a clear round.  Alas the team narrowly lost to Germany in a jump-off for the team bronze medal but for Millar this was a career highlight in her first championships. Her father, Ian, 69, (aka Captain Canada) has already competed in 10 Olympic Games and with her six-year-old daughter Lily already following in her footsteps, these Olympics have made Millar even more ambitious to continue the family tradition of becoming a multi-Olympian. Visit us at and follow us on social media @WiSP Sports. 


Between the Olympic Games and Paralympics Sara Gross & Kelly O'Mara pause to reflect on what just happened in Rio. The human cost of mega sporting events vs. the tangible, intangible and often hypothetic “good” of the Olympic Games.  How did the refugee team do? At the end of the day, You can’t measure a change in attitude. On U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte - if he had said “extorted” instead of “robbed” this might never have been an issue. Kelly added “vocabulary is not his strong point.” Visit us at and join us on social media @WiSP Sports.


Lee Craigie from Glasgow, is a former Scottish and British Cross Country Bike Champion who competed for Scotland in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. She is one of the co-founders of The Adventure Syndicate - a visionary group of bike riders whose mission is to encourage more women and girls to challenge themselves - and mostly spends her time promoting the sport wherever her travels take her. The group completed the Highland Trail _550 this summer around the remotest reaches of Scotland which she says was deeply rewarding to reach that level of achievement and self-satisfaction. With a ride across the Pyrenees in France next on her list of challenges, Lee and The Adventure Syndicate are truly motivating not just younger generations but all ages to get out on their bike and really their dreams. Visit us at and join us on social media @WiSP Sports.

This week on the Five Ring Circus, Sara and Kelly ask “WTF just happened in Rio?”  Listen as Sara Gross and Kelly O’Mara discuss Caster Semenya and ask “Does women’s sport need protection?”  Who gets to decide who is a woman for the purposes of competition and on what basis?  Then, why did Ryan Lochte lie about being mugged?  Hear all about the stories from the Games that are not meant for television.  And never, ever lie to your mom.

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Security issues and commentator faux pas dominate the news this week as Sara and Kelly ask "Is Olympic Coverage sexist?" 

On Five Ring Circus, Sara Gross and Kelly O'Mara talk about all the latest news from Rio. This week's topic is: "Is Olympic Coverage sexist?" 

Security continues to be a major issue in Rio with numerous incidents over the last seven days. US commentators are being held accountable on social media for comments made about female athletes and all the while feats of sporting greatness are accomplished, records are set and champions are made. 

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The Opening Ceremony is tonight and after weeks of criticism and questioning, Sara Gross and Kelly O'Mara are back with nine awesome stories to watch out for in Rio. 

Doping scandals and security problems have filled our news feeds from Rio, but today we bring you nine reasons to smile. 

Hear about the sports that have been added to the Olympic roster for 2020, the inspiring refugee team competing under a neutral flag and how Title IX has helped the US women’s team become a sporting powerhouse. 

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